We offer Import/Export services, and Wholesale/Distribution to local and overseas companies.
We also offer consulting services to companies that do not have existing networks in place and are entering the North American market.

Entering the North American market? Ontario is the industrial hub of Canada, the most densely populated Province, and closest to resemble the American market. Companies use Ontario as a test market to formulate a broader entry strategy for America. We offer market intelligence reports with competitor analysis, market pricing, and distribution channels information, entry strategies, special labeling and other relevant information to help you successfully penetrate your target market.

Local warehousing is available with access to major courier and freight services. Our road network offers 4 border crossings to America for East, South and West distribution. We are located an hour from Pearson, Toronto’s international airport, this is particularly important to e-commerce businesses as the North American consumer is accustomed to next day delivery.

Our focus is on unique high-quality niche products from small suppliers.

Strategically located in Ontario Canada in a beautiful region of North America that is surrounded by 3 of the 5 Great Lakes, our position gives us direct access to over 1/3 of the American and Canadian population.

Our focus is on smaller businesses that are expanding their markets

Entering the North American Market?
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